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Tidying the studio + gel print collage

Or: what to do when you're stuck on an assignment

This week was mostly about behind-the-scenes computer work again. However, I was also trying to make sense of a video assignment I have.

I could not work it out, so I went into the studio, tidied for a bit and then decided to collage into one of my old books (which I use as art journals).

No rhyme or reason; just listening to gut feelings. I worked on two pages over two days.

I left the first one as it is after gel printing over the collage. There is something about it that I like.

The second one definitely isn't finished yet.

And, as these things happen: I figured out what to do about the video assignment when I paused to grab a cup of tea!

There was also a fun dinner with friends, I voted for our provincial council and water authority elections. And of course, I had to go to the supermarket too.

Happy weekend!

Marsha Valk