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The return to the studio

Mini vlog week 19

Made it!

Had to go through some procrastination pottering in the garden first. Plus some laundry tasks. But then… I finally got back into the studio.

There’s a new Gelli Arts® video on my to-do list, so I really do not have another choice.

I feel rusty.

And, even after a few days I’m still not sure what I’m doing. However, I’m doing. And, that’s all that matters.

There was some very exciting happy mail to break the week!

According to the track and trace these stencils took a detour to Paris before they arrived in my mailbox so I was extra relieved to finally have them in my hands.

You can find all of the new stencil designs in the Gelli Arts® online store!

Wishing you a fun weekend!

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