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Sunday walk

Weekend vlog 19

Happy Monday!

On Friday I worked on the laptop (including a fun Zoom meeting), however, the weather was so nice that I took breaks to check up on the garden.

On Saturday I didn’t record anything. I ran an errand, decluttered, tried to do some research, and, of course, watched the Eurovision song contest.

And then on Sunday we had to run some more errands and took the long route to the city centre.

We heard the peregrine falcons and caught a glimpse of one. The pair lives in (on) the tower in the city centre. I was facing the other way, so you can only see the tower in the window's reflection on the wall I filmed.

The falcons currently have four chicks in their nest. They’re about a month old and haven’t ventured out of the nest yet.

And, this was in the Pakje Kunst (art package) I took from the vending machine:

I saw right away (from the initials on the outside) that I drew a package from the same artist as last time. Which I guess is always a possibility, however, still a teeny bit disappointing because I’m so curious to know what else is in there!

Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

This week is going to be a short week. And because I don’t want to bore you with shots of me working on the laptop and sneaking peeks at a project I can’t share with you yet, I’ve decided it’s better to focus on just getting the work done.

So… I will skip the vlog on Friday and trust you don’t mind. I’ll be back on Monday!

Have a wonderful week!

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