Driving, gardening, celebrating

Weekend vlog 18

May 8, 2023

Happy Monday!

It was Liberation Day on Friday. On this day, there are always many outdoor music festivals, and we often go to the one in Zwolle.

This year, however, we had a birthday surprise to arrange, so instead, we drove from one garden centre to another, and we spruced up the planters on my mother’s balcony.

On Saturday, I mostly watched the UK coronation and then on Sunday we drove back to my mom’s for cake and lunch with the family.

In the afternoon, we took her to a huge garden centre and added some finishing touches to the balcony.

And now… I have to find the way back into my studio. Because it’s now been a month since I’ve been in there and I somehow need to start things up again. Wish me luck!

Have a great week!

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