Collaging the leftovers

Week vlog 21

May 26, 2023

Hi there! Happy Friday!

This week seemed to be all about collaging; however, I also spent a good chunk of it (off-camera) content planning for a client.

The collaging is mainly a result of my wish to use up whatever is left on my table after I’ve finished a bigger project.

And, I desperately want to fill up the leftover pages in a couple of older sketchbooks and art journals.

However, there is also a bit more to it. Collaging like this seems to have become a go-to activity for me this year.

To an outsider, it could look like I’m randomly pasting pieces of paper in an art journal (or inside an art journal cover).

I’m mostly not though. I’m definitely making conscious decisions about colours and composition, balance, scale etc.

Is the result any good? Hmmm… Does it matter much? Nope.

This is an exploration. Into colour. Into what about it appeals to me so much. Why do I like one spread better than the other?

Anyway. Pasting tissue paper on the ugly inside cover of the old art journal reminded me of this brilliant YouTube video by Parul Arora (@justnoey on Insta) about starting a new sketchbook by decorating the end papers:

I love this idea so much! However, for now, I will stick to collaging and finishing up the old sketchbooks first…

Happy weekend!