Birds, scraps and digital sketching

This week was spent mainly behind the laptop editing, uploading, writing, updating, downloading, studying, and commenting…

Don't worry; I saved all the less boring stuff for you!


On Tuesday, I saw the neighbours' pigeons flying outside, and that reminded me of an idea I had for the first prompt of the Gelli Arts® March Mania Printing Challenge: Birds.

The flock usually flies over much lower, but they did not fancy it that day, which made my self-assigned task of photographing them far more challenging than I had imagined!

After I finally got two OK photos, I called it done. I edited one in Lightroom and printed it out (twice on the same paper) with my laser printer.

I was pleased with the first gel print, and I tried it a couple of times more because I think adding more layers on top will be fun.

Dealing with leftovers

Leftovers are a problem in my studio, especially the paper I use to roll off/clean my brayer, test papers, misprints and cut-offs.

So when I use leftover paint after finishing a (video) project, I also decide what I want to do with scrap paper bits. And, if I don’t know, I will try to use those up right away too.

I’ve been pasting into this mini (junk) journal since January. The rule is that it doesn’t have to look like anything. It might! But pasted in and out of the way is the primary goal.

Digital sketching

What you see in the mini vlog is me trying out a new Procreate brush that will hopefully solve a problem I did not realise I had until I watched a video tutorial on YouTube.

You do not see the secret project I actually need the brush for… Sorry! However, know that I’m having much fun working on it!

OK, that’s it from me this week! Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with a new vlogletter!


Gelli Arts® March Mania Prompt list:

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Birds mini tutorial Reel on Instagram:

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Recording of the Gelli Arts Zoom class with Birgit Koopsen:

I have a new video tutorial on the Gelli Arts® YouTube channel too! The March Mania 'Circle’ prompt inspired this one, and I had a fun and relaxing time making the prints:

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