Artzuid & Harry Styles Love On Tour

Sunday Funday

Jun 5, 2023

Hi there! Happy Monday!

For most of the weekend, I was happily alternating between running errands, watching some online workshop lessons, spending some time in the garden, listening to audiobooks and collaging away in my old art journals (fewer and fewer pages to go!).

On Sunday, however, we had tickets to see Harry Styles in concert, and we decided to take the opportunity to walk the Artzuid route beforehand.

Yes, my music taste is clearly all over the place. Well, not ALL over, however, what can I say… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Artzuid is an open-air sculpture biennale in Amsterdam. The sculptures are exhibited in the public space for anyone to enjoy over the summer, free of charge.

I had high hopes for this year's edition, but for some reason, I felt a bit underwhelmed.

Maybe it was because of the high hopes. Perhaps it was because the sculptures were smaller and the route less spread like in former years. Whatever it was, I expected it to wow me more than it did.

It was lovely, though. It always is, and I highly recommend going if you find yourself in the vicinity!

And about the concert: it’s an experience. A dress-up party (lots of creative outfits with DIY elements, super fun to see!). A scream fest. A phenomenon unlike any other pop concert I’d ever attended.

The sound was, of course, dreadful, as it always is in that stadium, but everything else was highly entertaining. I’m glad we went!

Enjoy your week!

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