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Art Supply Haul

New paint colours, a mistake, sketchbooks and more

Hi there! Happy Friday!

With all the collaging I’ve done over the past weeks, I ran out of matte medium, which called for an art supply order.

Inspired by fellow Gelli Arts® artist team member Tara Axford, I added a few colours to my collection of Golden OPEN paints. I hardly ever use those paints in videos because they require drying time. They are stunning, though!

While I was ordering, there was one super expensive colour. I did not question it at the time, but now, of course, it makes total sense…

That massive tube is going to last me a lifetime!

I usually get a large bottle of matte medium and then decant that into a smaller bottle. The cap of my previous small bottle broke recently, and I did not have a spare cap, so I, unfortunately, had to replace the whole bottle. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The fixative for oil pastels is a supply I’ve wanted to try. And I was also curious about the paper in this particular square sketchbook.

The three A5 sketchbooks are cheap ones that I will use for research and practice.

Unfortunately, the temperatures in the studio have been too high for printmaking this week. I did create swatches for the paints, though, and I’m excited to give them a go on the gel plate soon!

Thanks so much for watching/reading. Have a wonderful weekend!


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Marsha Valk